I am trying to warm up to the idea of wr…

I am trying to warm up to the idea of writing on creativity NOW…reading some online stuff and looking at tweets on the subject…it is a tricky subject cause everyone is an artist these days but no one wants to think creatively cause it is still too ‘out there”. Having been a creative all my life I find that the “creative class” as defined by Richard Florida is being bashed. BTW, he is moving to Toronto to teach at U of T! http://bit.ly/B5wAZ I just ordered his book “Whose your City?” I guess it is clear that Toronto is Richard’s!

The TO Post article writes, “In his most recent book, The Flight of the Creative Class, Mr. Florida foreshadowed his move to Toronto by pointing to all the American scholars who were drifting to Canada and Western Europe where he says better government-funded research opportunities are offered”. I guess not too much has changed since I wrapped my head around this issue over a decade ago…when I emerged as an up and coming Canadian Animator…creative still means access to some sort of funding in order to be so. It used to the the Church and then the state and now…it is still the government of Canada and Europe. In America creative is an online start up. I still think the most creative types today can be found in business.

McLuhan, our U of T CommuncationsTheory Guru defined the artist as being one who “wakes people up” to the present moment of what is happening right here and now! An agent of change. A change miester…these days that creativity of the moment appears in new online applications like Twitter and Face Book not in some painting or drawing or installation. Creativity in the way in which we connect online socially is the hottest NOW thing! It is the reason I choose this blog format. I can type short like a tweet or long like a blog..I am not confined by the layout of my blog…

About his search for a home in Toronto Richard says “When touring Toronto’s neighbourhood’s in search of his new home, Mr. Florida said he acknowledged high market prices, but his theory maintains that to an extent, it’s worth investing in expensive housing within a city’s core to avoid long commutes.
“It’s important not only as fuel costs rise, but also time costs rise. Do you want [people] spending two or three hours commuting when they could be spending that time thinking and being creative?” he said.
Here, here, that is exactly what I am doing in this August long weekend, sitting in my home office at about mid town Toronto chilling above the Caribana madness, thinking and being creative!

Richard Florida Welcome to Toronto!


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