Reading the latest copy of Toronto Life….

Reading the latest copy of Toronto Life. The article on the New Mr. Rogers is fascinating! Ted Rogers, founder of the Rogers Telecommunication Empire passed away last December. Who was choosen by the board to step into his shoes?. His daughter who Snr. VP of Strategy and Development or his son the President? Nope. They choose, Nadir Mohamed, an employee who was “Ted Rogers’ golden boy”. Toronto Life writes: ” A chartered accountant by training Mohamed demonstrated both the requisite financial skills and mastery of the industry’s technological complexities. Alex Krstajic is a friend, former colleague and -as CEO of the newly licensed wireless carrier Public Mobile – soon-to-be rival. Mohamed, he says, “is simply the top telcom executive in the country. And the others are good, believe me. Nadir has huge grey matter. He’s always looking for an interesting approach to a problem. That’s part of why he rose through the ranks.” Talent makes Capital Dance! The key to looking at things differently? His background – born and raised in Tanzania, son of East Indian immigrants and a member of the Shitte Islamic faith. “When he lectures business students today, he frames his diverse background as a distinct competitive advantange. He says, It helps you look at things differently. As Marshall McLuhan, our Canadian communications Guru said: ” Culture is our Business”. Art and Culture. Talent and power.


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