Ontario’s Emerging Creative Age

Following along Richard Florida’s question “Whose your City?”  clearly he thinks, Toronto is a city of choice. Toronto Life suggested back in dark days of January 2009 that we have the chance to make a move to a new economic position during this time of economic crisis in the US and around the world. http://bit.ly/q9qXf

We are well positioned,the article argues to do so – as our banks are stable and our risk adverse practices have made them so. While, this article focuses on the banking sector, it may bode well in creating an good investor community for innovation in the near future.

The Prosperity Institue’s report on Ontario in the Creative Age states ” Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource. The ability to generate new ideas and better ways of doing things is ultimately what drives innovation to raise productivity and thus living standards…” To view the full 46 page report check out this link.


This weeks’ NOW magazine had the headline “tech crash” on the front page. I was curious to see how we had crashed when we really are just getting started…it turns out the article is focused on the lack of openness in city politics when it comes to allowing developers access to info that could be made into useful applications for citizens….Apparently, Vancouver has passed an openness policy with respect to moving their city info closer to web 2.0 in the way they share information.

Considering how ultra conservative Toronto is to Vancouver, (I attended art school there in the 1980’s) it is no surprise that they would lead and soon we will follow. After all we may be a much more creative city in the long run since the finances to innovate will be located in Toronto!


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