Communitech gives more than Peanuts to the Food Bank!

Just returned from a Communitech gathering in Kitchener/Waterloo.  This stimulating networking event brings together the local tech community, and was, this evening,  held at the Food Bank. Social responsiblity is clearly on the agenda! Kudos to the community! We were requested to bring a jar of peanut butter and make a cash donation. Being a macrobiotic organic gal I could not bear to give a jar of just plain old Kraft peanut butter – so I gave a smaller jar of organic peanut butter – better Karma…instead. I sure felt better knowing that who ever gets it will be healthier for it!
The evening was filled with great conversations, people, smiles, food and drink. Spoke to one woman, a writer for Communitech who mentioned an event that took place earlier in the year – Web 3.0, and a study she had read on the relationship between mobile phones and poverty. Amazing stats revealed that we, Canadians in spite of RIM, are 85 on the list of biggest cell phone users….and that where there is deep cell phone usage there is a reduction in poverty in countries who typically do not have access to traditional phone infrastructure.

Sorry, I missed “the Woz” who visited in June. To view the video of Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, speaking in Waterloo, check out this link.
As I drove down back to Toronto, I thought about what one gal had said about the KWC area not being so much a technology centre as part of the technology corridor which stretches from Ottawa, thru KWC to T.O.  Yeah, I have to agree, a one hour or two drive to Waterloo and 4-6 to Ottawa and in that stretch you have TO – the new financial capital, Waterloo the tech cluster start up area and Ottawa, the slow moving government bedrock.  While there is technology to be found at both ends but the best stop is gotta be in the middle:  KWC. A very creative drive. I Look forward to visiting again soon.

Don't Panic, go organic!

Don't Panic, go organic!


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