Technology and the Medical Space

I have been working over the past month week on a sales and marketing strategy for a new client in the Medical device space. We will be launching their new medical device this weekend at the Zoomer show in Toronto. I has been an exciting period of research and reading which has taken me from the book entitled HOSPITAL, by Julie Salamon, a doc-u-drama of the modern hospital, to conversations with pharmasists, doctors, dentists and naturopaths-with discussion on both the “wellness” and “sickness” sides of the equation as the device embraces them both, to MARS for a lecture on what makes for a good medical market product…which can be summed up in a word – PATENT, PATENT, PATENT…to a Friday evening tour of the Toronto Internatinoal Art show for captured inspiration on the human experience and ideas for the booth design with my new FLIP video camera to capture visual notes, to the website of Fast company where there stellar section on DESIGN has lots of wonderful design blogs – one of which caught my eye as…Designers, Take a Look at Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare. Synchronicity. Soon.


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