ipad for the Creative Class, forget the “netbook” people

For months now I have been thinking about buying a netbook for sales and marketing purposes….You see – I develop sales tools and do marketing creative and while me  big old 17″ HP laptop is great for in -home use… I hate having to pack it up and cart it around….just too big and heavy…I have hesitated on getting a notebook cause I went down the road of getting a cheaper laptop on my first try – but of course my work is graphic heavy and audio dependent and the old text based world view laptops simply do not hold up….so I moved up to the HP…not being able to afford an apple air book…

Now I can thank Steve, again, for a creative solution for peps like me….in fact I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these babies…it is ideal for a new sales presentation that I am developing…

What does it do?

1. browse

2. email

3. Video

4. Games

5. ebooks

This is what Steve calls a ” Third category device”, a must have for all creative types..check this out you can turn it anyway you want! look at whole webpages…turn it right round baby right round…and it has the almost life size key board! for the must have TEXT….

the Wall Street Journal said…

“The last time time we say this much excitement about a tablet it had some commandments written on it” .

For more on this device from the boss of creative…check this link…http://bit.ly/a7CA4Y


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