the Clash of LEFT Brain vs RIGHT Brain Selling Styles….

Surfing around on a lazy Saturaday morning and found this video on Left Brained vs Right Brained Selling. Very intriguing…did a google on the topic and found this link entry intitled….Left Brain, Right Brain, NO brain….

I guess there is hope for me yet……and this may explain why all my LEFT Brain clients have fired me (and I have sued them) before I have a chance to exhibit my NO BRAIN BRILLANCE!!

It is  as the articles states SELLING ” in a zone that Zen types call, “No-Brain.” A Quick read of this article gives  insight into why I remain in the SALES arena in spite of every RIGHT brain meglo maniac that I have dealt with who has the adaucity to give me some stiff necked BS on why I am not making the grade before I even have a chance to IMPROVISE and do the thing I learnt in ART School when studying Animation…thinking on your feet and acting out in harmony with the background environment, visualizing that then creating a FELT sketch, into a drawing into a FULL BLOWN Animation. As Homer Simpson would say:   duh!!


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