A Ferrari or an I pad? This is the question…

Like the LOGO though, nice Black Horse and super cool font design!

Wow, has it really been almost 8 weeks since I posted on my blog? Clearly my focus has been 100% on my new client. Boy, can I can tell you that it has paid off….BIG time, even if it has taken me from my own creative musings…somewhat….

Here in the North, in the city of Toronto, we have moved from the heart of Winter to the “hidden” promise of Springtime. I have been doing something right on the creative sales front as my new client declared yesterday that he was “going to buy me a Ferrari — one day soon”. I was visually stumped. I know the name and it belongs to a luxury car brand but the ability to conjour up a image of a Ferrari drew a blank. I blinked. No smile. What is there to smile about when you don’t even know what the thing looks like?

Today after a very successful presentation my client raved again that I was great. I said, “you have seen nothing yet….wait till I get my I pad and incorporate THAT into my presentation….”
He blinked and said “an I pad, you want an I pad?”
“Badly, I said, “you have no idea…”
He smiled. “OK, no problem, I will get you an I pad..”

Cool. Now we are “cooking with FIRE” and talking about something that can really transport me somewhere in super style. The value of a device that can facilitate the virtual transportation of my imagination far out weighs the flash of a 4 wheel machine that would no doubt be “car-jacked” or stolen in a matter of days in my ‘hood.

Perhaps other sales dogs will say that I am from the moon or the stars but give me something that extends my creativity – and not my ego and you have one hell of a motivated CREATIVE sales woman on your hands!!!
A car named Ferrari – forgetaboutit…..a pad named I n I….now we is talking….


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