Unbounce those landing pages for Creatives

It has been ages since I last blogged….in fact, I am overdue on the promise to write a review on Florida’s  book “The Great Reset.” WHY ? well, dear creatives, but I have been buzy creating – oh yeah….for real….not just the old selling and marketing talk mumbo jumbo…. but creating actual landing pages
for a client based on finally having mastered the sales process. For the last 30 days have been spending all my time on line with UNBOUNCE!

With who you say??

I confess it is a love affair with landing pages, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

1.  Your EYES are WISIWG – This sums up my philosophy for usablity when it comes to apps designed for creatives who have to get it done ASAP and need the freedom to change their minds while under the gun….oh and did I mention the beauty of the “margin of error” which means that you can decide to rearrange a bunch of content at the last minute and and in doing so might just discover that …oh boy…. that just looks so much better over there, why did I not think of that? Well – that is just it —when you are using a product that really engages you in creating you don’t think about where it is that this or that is gonna have to go —- instead you have the freedom to move it around and suddenly one thing suggests another way of being…oh yeah baby we see eye to eye…

2. Your Face is Web 2.0  – the Interface of Unbounce – when you are working all day in an online environment it is nice that it looks so fresh and clean! I Love the look and the feel of Unbounce…

3. Your Name…..unbonce…unbounce….works for me even on a conceptual level… it is not just a physical attraction. The name Unbounce….is…kinda like a double take in animation…..you look one way and then you look the other…you try it one way then you try it another. Trained as a classical animator the imagery that the name conjures is the reverse of my clients worse fear —the user landing on a page and immediately bouncing off it – horrors —-rather I see it play out like a slow mo rewind…kinda like this video 

4. Your excellent Intelligence – Over the last 30 days I have used Unbounce as a educational tool, too. It is so easy to do the mock ups and show the client what may or may not work. As we do the push and pull dance between client’s vision and design reality I can just do the real thing in unbounce and then send them a link …it sure beats sending the client an actual sketch no matter how inspired. What business man can relate to a sketch these days?

a bit of a landing page sketch for client

A bit of a landing page sketch for a client

5. Your Nationality….last but not least I must confess I have a softspot for my art college town – Vancouver.. and well…..Unbounce is a Canadian start up company.  Ironically I left Vancouver over a decade ago to live in TO —  because of its easy access to technology. Still we don’t have anything around here that comes close to your offering. RIM does not count…. too big, telco….and besides, Unbounce offers mobile landing pages too…

My next mission is to find a client who wants one of those so this love affair can continue!


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