QR – is it a quick read or a Quantum reality?

This fall while attending a Recreational Property event in Alberta on behalf of a client – I was introduced to QC technology by a representative for The Edmonton Journal. http://bit.ly/bQ6DGK

As is my practiced, I checked out the info noting that a 100 year old newspaper was certainly progressive to be launching a campaign based on these tiny bit mapped graphics. It turns out that is is not a new technology – it has been used in Japan and Europe for some time now…. but is just arriving in North America.

QR was demo’ed to me as simply taking a snap shot of a dot matrix graphic and then going to the site to upload the graphic in order to link in to the social network of one of Edmonton Journal journalists… I was directed to his site http://bit.ly/auJIkj where it, in turn, gives a site to visit for a download to your mobile phone. As with all technologies you have app options….check out these sites as well.

This evening there was mention of the technology on CBC news broadcast. For an idea of how to use a QR matrix with Social media — as a call to action — check out this

A quick read leads to your face book business page. Like??


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