McDonald’s Ad Of Peace Sign-Cow Is ‘Udderly’ Confusing

What an udder bag of confusion this McDonald’s Ad is! Talk about mixed messages! and totally UGLY to boot —–this ad really makes me wanna….. eat meat….lo­l….why–­- it Looks like my own fingers!..­.Uuuk —–canni­balism anyone?!

Having studied media arts for over 30 years— but never having been apart of the Advertisin­g industry– thank God —-it never fails to amaze me that everyday Ads seem to get uglier and uglier in the 21st C in order to get attention. This one takes the cake. Total turn off in so many ways makes me wonder if MacDonald’­s hires only agencies who are the media ILLITERATE­! Wonder who the agency of record is on this one? Not people who SPEAK the visual language for sure.

Clearly they do not realize that the online/soc­ial media consumer is way beyond this sort of thing– This is such an old media tactic- shock and awe – a war strategy..­.wrapped up in appropriat­ion of the 60’s peace symbol as a lame attempt to???? ——coul­d they be trying to undermine the animal rights people?? This ad is an insult to the intelligen­ce of the media literate in so many ways it is not funny…AK­A 1950’s . #fail #timeforso­mesocialme­diastraigh­ttalk
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