Advertising vs Social Media — an Alberta Boob Job Mash Up!

Via Scoop.itSocial Media for Alberta Businesses

Ad gal in Calgary Blogs “How to use Social Media to commit Brand Suicide” after @wurst hires ad agency WAX to create a big boob ad for Octoberfest! . I read it and tweet about how advertising does not get social media.    She later later defends WAX by saying that they are not responsible for the Social Media.(??) My response? Yes, @chelscore, WAX did not create Social Media – but they will learn as will @wurst that their customers – yourself included – inhabit this sphere, 55% are women, and if you don’t connect to their values – they will use social media to communicate their feelings, as you did. Either they will change their old media thinking or go the way of the dinasours of the Alberta badlands! Time waits for no man or woman, big breasted or not! 
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