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Picked up a Scobilizer tweet about @500startups and logged in to find this amazing woman talking about Twitter for biz and suddently – life was worth living again. (trust me trying to get Alberta biz who at best have a FB account–but think Twitter is a joke excited about the potential is dishartening at times! All they do is whine about lack of money attracting more of the same…) I LOVE twitter and personally think it is the best social network out there for its “dynamic” quality of being a real time new distribution network. This woman, nicknamed “Pistachio” spoke about how twitter beats all other new sources to the draw when delivering the most current news and aligned it with the financial markets – which of course are based 100% on information. Faster than the financial markets? Oh yeah….Anyhow…this new app for twitter looks like a winner as I have been using and loving Filpboard on the ipad and yesterday we say Mark unviel the new FB layout which is based on the same concept of filtering/curating your own content and presenting it to the world. Pistacho’s #1 take away is that Twitter is that at the end of the day defines a Social Media Consultant’s role as being not so much helping Busineses sell as “helping people buy”. (i.e. Google’s USER centric biz model) 
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