Friendship in the Expanded Field? New Online Art Show Explores Sociability in the Facebook Era –

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“Friends,” at the online-only Fach & Asendorf Gallery, dissects the new meanings of the term.   Social media has given me the chance to stop going to endless networking events in Toronto where they never serve good water or organic snacks and it is hard to hear yourself think — little lone have a real conversation. It has allowed me to move back west where I can spend quality time online building a network around my own interests (and my clients) while consuming a cup of organic chocolate. My interests, which have not changed for the past three decades -include ART, Business and Technology. Online I can connect with like minded people, observe how others “chat”, create content and share. What they choose to go on about in the limited confines of online social norms on any given day is what an online relationship i.e. friendship will be based on…   Can’t say enough about how I love these artists and their perceptions. As McLuhan said the true artist “wakes people up” and is the “atennea of the race”.   While in the business world this type of activity translates into “distrupter”, “disturber” and trouble maker and will get you fired or make you loose yet another client for defending your position on what it is to be truely SOCIAL and communciate and build new relationships (friendships) via a new media it is refreshing to look at this stuff and realize that we are just at the beginning a new way of being and that the fall of the boring old same old same old way of being just can’t happen soon enough for a dyed in the wool creative like me.   
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