Identity Politics – “It’s not who you share with, but who you share as.”

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Alas when the discussion of identity comes up I am reminded once again of just how long and at what great depths I have been analyzing ART and new media.   Brian Solis says he has been at it for 14 years, I have been doing it for at least 3 decades. It all started with a study of ART HIS-story, does any one do that anymore? Artists, or creatives as they are called nowadays have always been in the role of “waking people up”, agents of change so to speak.   Since the status quo does not like to change a single thing anytime soon many artists throughout history have simply choosen to remain anonymous so they could, at least keep their day job or not be run out of town by the pope.   In the 20th century we began to realize that identity was political as all the “isms” can into full effect. Feminisim, racism, environmentalism, etc etc. Big thick books have been written on the subject. Is is heavy topic and not something that can be regulated by a profile pic, log in and password. IN fact, I would argue that it is a debate that is still waiting to happen for 99% of us!   Consider this briliant quote on identity by Marshall McLuhan, who of course wrote the book entitled the “Laws of Media”.    “Violence is a loss of IDENTITY”   Stop and consider the road ahead if FB thinks they regulate identity without discourse simply because it makes their system of classification better for their super charged money making algorithims.  Good Luck Zukerberg, something tells me that your understanding of identity does not go beyond the surface images of pretty pictures of white girls who might like to date white cute college boys. The American Dream… Yawn….   Social media may be the newest game in town and one that FB is wining at the moment – but the LAWS of MEDIA are something that every one embarking down the road of regulating people’s identity should study seriously. 
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