US bill called E-PARASITE would mean the “end of the Internet as we know it”

Via Scoop.itMILE HIGH Social Media

” the short version is: if the site can be used to infringe, and doesn’t take steps to prevent against the “high probability” that it will, then a site can be declared dedicated to the theft of US property. I’m not sure if the drafters of this legislation have used the internet before, but that’s everything. Facebook. Google. Tumblr. eBay. Wikipedia. As TechDirt put it: any site that has user-generated content.”   So we are back at square one again. Back to corporate control offline of all property and resources and no commons — which has resulted in the #occupyeverywhere movement to a bill by the same corps to re-instate the power of the “mass media” Cable Guy aka. old media/TV in controlling the net. The funny thing is that on the way to the creating of social media, for the most part the same demographic that is protesting offline will be the one that is attacked and will protest online…..we are the 99%. So—Good Luck oh greedy ones…   
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