Now you can #occupyklout online for being ANTI SOCIAL if you wish….

Via Scoop.itMILE HIGH Social Media

Check out the link below which lets you occupy a website online!   I choose to #occupyKlout as my score dropped from 57 to 48 over night, leaving me with “mud” on my face when  it comes to presenting “social proof” to my clients. I could give a flying Fig about the free give aways….but in a field that is new with Canadian businesses who are not convinced that there is even any ROI on Social Media I DID value my Klout Score as it gave them something to think about…   NOW I see the game is just like the Google search algorithim and Who ever controls the algorithim has the power! It has nothing to do with the true value of what I bring to the table through my shared content and engagement and like Google search….social media, at the end of the day will overpower this NON sense….Like toxic assets on Wall street it is all “fake” stuff. I am not a fake bot, I am real flesh & blood and a woman to boot….I know this re-ordering of the klout Scoring SYSTEM was the idea of some man child…..     Ironically scores of my client accounts – yes, I am a PAID social Media consultant – pretty much maintained their position! While I am active on Twitter daily and on Empire Ave….(where my stock currently trades at 72 (e) per share…) I wonder How can the one who maintains social media accounts and tweets on SM be hit so much harder than the ones who have a hired me to build their score? What’s up with that bullshit?    To #Occupy Klout or any other site that you feel is jerking you around, check out this link!


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