Experts differ on Klout’s clout

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Love how this blog post has an “expert” from U of Ottawa in Canada of all places weighing in on what is influence in social media and  how it makes for good KLOUT. Gotta laugh, not at his expertise, but at the fact that it is a Canadian university professor who is the expert on the subject who is consulted on this matter. IN the meantime real social media consultants stuggle to get Small Canadian businesses onside with Social Media not because they give a damn about my Klout score, BUT because small Canadian business are still trying to get over thinking of Social Media as anything but a passing fad that their 16 year old daughter or niece could do better than I – simply because they are young?   The irony is that that the real social media experts…like myself who have an extensive background in New Media, Sales and Marketing and New Media Theory would never be consulted on this topic. Let’s all turn to the “arm chair” social media expert and let him tell us what it is to connect online with and audience and create influence.    While I do agree that the Klout score is a rather simplistic take on what it is to create online influence it was, at least a standard of sorts, giving social media experts some “social proof” when it come to meeting with others and getting a quick idea of how well they were doing in social media.  Now it is back to trying checking their twitter page, asking how may followers they have and what topics they talk about and how their followers respond…ya da ya da…   At the end of the day, the whole mess is NOT about any one’s social media score rather the hiddenground is the power of ALGRORTHIMS. The last time I checked it was a brilliant algroithim developed by a man from China who studied in Canada and migrated to Wall street that was the foundation  of the toxic derivatives that crashed Wall street in 2008!  Google taught us online peps that NO one can game the search engines and now KLOUT is trying to put the horse before the cart in saying that they will make the call on who has influence or not when it comes to social media.    Sorry but I don’t buy the bullshit. Having been educated in CANADA’s finest Art Schools including the Banff School of Fine Arts, the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, The Southern Institute of Technology in Calgary and Van Arts Institute of New Media —– I know that Artists (aka Creatives a la Richard Florida at Ryerson) are not followers—we are the leaders. Our greatest Canadina born communictions guru and arguable the WORLD’s Greatest Communications guru Marshall McLuhan said that the “artist is the atennae of the RACE”. Forget Twitter, FB, all the other social networks when it comes to some sort of score for participating…Social media is an new way to communicate not a form of currency. ART always TRUMPS commerce! Here is the formula that I work from.  Time (ENERGY) =  ART. that is: Time factored by Energy equals ART.    Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr.Klout! 
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