Women in Tech: We Really Do Need More!

What’s wrong with this picture? “While women make up 48 percent of our workforce, they hold just 24 percent of the jobs in science, tech, engineering and math.”  Women are raised to be techno phobic for the most part, rasied to be “Barbies”. The double whammy comes when they try to “be creative” and are told that more science is needed to validate their position – when in truth being an tek entrepreneur like Zukerberg requires alot of creative thought as well as the technical skills. This blog post reminds me of the same arguement that goes around in the field of sales. i.e. women can’t sell cars, or technology or techincal services when in fact at the end of the day it is more about building relationships that boring the hell out of your potential client with the “specification dump”. It was a woman from CNN who worked her way up the corporate ladder wrote the book “women are the best salesmen” and if a woman believes in herself – this is always the case! Switching back to social media we must remember that is is based entirely in relationship building and being “social”. My “Thank Q Social Media” campaign is dedicated to the woman who wrote the first lines of code – Ada Lovelace, daughter to a famous poet and lover to the man who created the first analytical machine we now know as a computer. Babbage. And yet, how many women know this? Hopefully social media will help to right this wrong over the long term..

Via www.glamour.com


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