In The Particular Lies The Universal – Old media vs Social Media

“We recognize that any truly new idea is met with fear, will never pass “marketing” or the Nielsens or Hollywood or even the Joneses. But the few brave ones, both companies and individuals, who risk comfort and safety for a chance at beauty or being able to move someone — they have a potential to gain so much more. Loyalty, respect, and awe.” 
The quote above — which I took out of the linked blog is ironic when you consider that today – American Censorship Day – the world is face to face with the power of US politicians who want to destroy the internet by pushing through a few bills that support the mindsets of traditional marketing, the Neilsons , Hollywood and the Joneses – the status quo in their so call protection of IP and copyrights. In essense they want to put an end to sharing, to personal creativity, to begin “social”…
They want to destroy “The brave few who risk comfort and safety” to start something new…destroy those who have created for us a new way to communicate – built on social networks and platforms…social media…way and means that ultimately connect us all and in doing so make us all more empowered in ever aspect of our lives from banking, to shopping, to sharing, to creating, to envisioning a better future for the planet – all these companies and individuals are now under fire and about to be sued and fired and broken should these bills pass.
People, What are we going to do to stop this insanity?  


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