From The Editor: The Creative Economy | Fast Company

Ironically I started my WordPress blog in Toronto writing alot about Richard Florida’s concept of the Creative Economy and the Creative Class. After the crash of 2008 no one wanted to talk about this idea much in fact there was a great deal of backlash and bashing for the idea of the creative economy as artists argued that they were still not begin paid for work done or given opps to do creative work when it came to day to day business. While I appreaciate this article from the Editor of Fast Company with respect to the two economies in American he really needs to consider his paragraph carefully — as it is a perfect example of how the creative artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs are still feeling that they are being exluded from the “second economy” 
Nowhere is this second economy more ascendant than in an emerging ecosystem we call Co.Create Nation–a triangle of new thinking centered around the tech world of Silicon Valley, the entertainment world of Hollywood, and the marketing world of Madison Avenue. There was a time when the lines between industries were firmly demarcated; those days are ending.
The biggest irony with this passage lies in the fact that it is Hollywood, Old Media and their agengies aka Madison avenue who are fighting to get the Stop Internet Piracy Act….through — which would in effect put social networks and their basic premise – the sharing of content, at risk as these big players clamp down on what they percive to be IP infringements…
To view my take on the matter check out my recent animation on You Tube…


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