Old media executives too busy, private for Twitter

“I have enough to do answering your emails,” he said. “I’m 66 years old. I’m almost in the glue factory.”This quote is from the blog linked to this comment. 
OK, so first of all  — age is a state of mind. I guess this guy really loves his life and work if at 66 he is contemplating death, right? Is this what it feels like to be anti-social? 
More important, however, is the fact that change is the order of the day and anyone who studied McLuhan knows that we live in an Electronic environment where the pace of change continues to accelerate regardless of how one feels. That being a fact, one needs to be flexible and open to new ways to communicate if you want to still be in business in the next 5 years, nes’t pas?
You may think you are too busy today to “figure out how to communicate”  via social media but if your audience has already embraced it what does that say about your “long term vision as a leader”?  Either take the time to learn in or hire a pro to get it up and running for you and by then….you may have changed your mind cause you realize that you will be left behind in the dust by refusing to adopt to the new change and mindset of “being social”.  
Via www.reuters.com


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