Fox Accuses ‘The Muppets’ of Brainwashing Kids Against the Rich

If I didn’t know better I’d say that Disney slipped someone over at Fox Business Channel a bill to go on a rant against its hit movie, “The Muppets.” Naaaaah.
Time to wake up folks! This kind of attack is just the beginning….once #SOPA is in place can you imagine how easy it will be to take down content that “someone” finds offensive for some reason on grounds of copyright infringement or IP challenge or something like the Fox claim that a kids show like the Muppets is designed “to create class warfare”. 
Last time I checked ART and then media were always about the values of the creators – right up to Madison Ave’s Mass Media TV superbowl ads who of course reflect the values of business. 
Ironically McLuhan Wrote that at the end of the day that it is the “medium that is the message” and what you say on it really does not have any impact on culture. Which is why old media TV guys and Hollywood and Madison are all on the bandwagon to try to take down the message of the internet which is one of human scale and sharing – dare I say -HUMAN affairs of social interests and values?? 


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