Marketing Guru Marc Schiller Reveals The Secrets Of Social Media Marketing

What I find fascinating about this article is this part: 
“Most people do not have a validation that they themselves have real worth. And I know that sounds dramatic, but 90 percent of the population doesn’t have that confirmation that they’re being heard. I think that what drives people to express themselves online is a confirmation of their own self-worth. It’s very much life-affirming. The reason why people write on walls is to say, hey listen, I’m here. I’m a person.” 
Social Media equals a return to the HUMAN Scale. It is a law of media as McLuhan stated. When we reach one extreme we flip to the other. This is why I don’t think the #Sopa bills have a hope in hell in the long run because the “people” cannot be stopped now that they have found this new state of being recognized as a human and there are businesses online that are smart enough to reconginze it and empower them! Good luck old media boyz! #massmediaisdead #social medialives 



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