Tech Companies Not Taking a Stand on Censorship Are ANTI SOCIAL

“Since a large group of tech companies protested the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) in conjunction with the House’s first hearing on SOPA last week, civil rights advocates have been rooting out the pro-SOPA traitors.”
And so they should for the people, for which the internets ultimatly serves, deserve to know who is being  –ANTI SOCIAL!
One really needs to take a deep breathe and stand back to see the big picture on this issue as it goes deep into the philosophies of art and media and what it means to be human….yes, all the things we have heard from all the social media gurus who have been tweeting and posting for the past 3 years….
The bottem line is not $$$ for corps but a new way to communicate for people — that will not be stopped by governments, big corps, old media or old software giants….this movement to connect and SHARE information and knowledge worldwide is unstopabble and has created the greatest shift in human consiouness since the invention of the printing press and the beginning of the Gutenbergy galaxy.
WE live in an electronic environment and unless all electricity stops flowing we are going to evolve to a more human state of being and sharing and connecting! 


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