The Semantics of #SOPA – how the language frames the debate

Note to Canadian Kid from Canadian Social Media Strategist — It is an old political strategy to roll out campigns based on keywords that resonate with collective memories…. Your blog picks up on that with respect to the linguistic framing of #sopa. Our white Euro-centric western thinking of pirates is progrmamed to react accordingly. This is, however not the reaction an African American would have by the way, as theirs is the story of slavery…so you can see who becomes immedately conflicted about this issue…and how an added layer of confustion is built in.
I suggest you expand your studies of pirates to a study of The Laws of Media as written  by Marshall McLuahn – Canada’s and arguably, the world’s best communication theorist, someone who was light years ahead of his time with respect to the “effects” of media on culture. 
Of course a study of Norm Chompsky, the great American writer on linguistics, Semantics and Politics would shed some more light on this matter as well..


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