The Rise of Developeronomics – for the “software-eaten” world!

This blog at Forbes by Venkatesh Rao is a must read for all creatives who love technology including programmers, online marketing, investors, start up visionaries and social media types…
“There is a theory in evolutionary biology that reciprocal altruism and cooperation first appeared as a solution to the food storage problem.”
The author of this blog also wrote a book called Tempo which focuses on the “art of decision making” –a crucial factor in writing code, creating content, starting a company or building relationships through social media.
Venkatesh Rao writes in the introduction of this book about the complexity of decison making  – “the answer began to emerge from research I was involved in at the time, on command and control” where he stumbled across the idea that one must control the tempo of miliary engagement”
(…which reminds me of my favorite sport – Fencing and the pacing of that sport…) 
Enjoy — excellent writing! 


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