New Campaign To Permanently Embed Information In Digital Media

hum….wonder about the #sopa influence on this one! the irony is that many of creatives in the past – let’s call them artists were “disrupters” meaning that their work was not what the status quo liked…often inciting riots and severe backlash — so many operated under aliases and even anonoymously. At the end of the day change is not something that western modern culture is hard wired to accept….our mantra has been “we are the masters of the universe”. Now we are operating in a connnected network called the internet and that means that once again we are faced with serious intellectual challanges and creative visions that do not jive with the current culture of non stop material consumption. New values are being experessed, formed and formulated that are well…”distruptive” to the status they begin to fight for total intellecual control which in the current system means economic control as well….not a good combination as ART/creatives rule. Naploeon said it best with respect to miliary strategy: Imagination RULES the world”. You have been warned. 


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