Hey, Chatty Cathy – Ease Up on Your Social Media Accounts | edDOMINATORS

In an effort to market a blog, website, or online business…it’s not uncommon to create social media accounts to promote your happenings and automate postings to spread your content. But don’t you think 178 may be a bit too many?
In response to this blog it is interesting to note that the average user on FB has 150 friends….and that is about all they can manage experts say. As for business, as a social media consultant my response is twofold1. The secret of Google’s success is “distribution” across the net. Distributing your presence, content and ability to connect is a good idea. A a great strategy and very successful. Read “What would Google Do?” for the full story. 2. Know your Audience. Take the time to figure out where your target audience is when it comes to social networks. Find out if there are niche networks connected to your industry and join them if they are relevant to your offer. Otherwise, unless the company is very big or very connected online and has a demographic that is likwise I am not sure that having 178 accounts is worth while. For local businesses this is not going to work unless you are in a BIG city like NYC, LA or T.O. Small businesses in a small city – give it time and start with the networks where the majority of your potential  clients can be found online. i.e. twitter and Facebook, YouTube and flickr.  
Via eddominators.com


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