Reality Check: Show Me The Language.( Formal vs Non Formal. )

“it seems pretty rich that he’d (Lamar Smith) have the guts to come out talking “show me the language.” Who cares about “language” when it’s written specifically to be vague enough to allow for a free for all?”
Hence the huge devide between the creators of the technology and the poli-tricks of those who put forth the bill and its supporters. No formal language – vague and open to legal mis  interpertation vs Formal lanagage of Coders.  O vs 1. If there is a common ground inbetween it lays with the USERS of the internet – the people who have been empowered by the use of the hiddenground of formal coded languages to allow for added value and the expression of human potential on the top layer….the “link” economy of shared content! 


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