Entry-Level Facebook Engineers Get A $100,000 Salary, $50,000 Signing Bonus, And $120,000 In Stock

It is ironic that while these numbers are being quoted for technlogy talent south of the border, our Canadian PM said that his vision for the future of Canada does not include much more investment in science and technology as it is not panning out…. huh??
He began by saying that: 
“Western nations, in particular, face a choice of whether to create the conditions for growth and prosperity, or to risk long-term economic decline. In every decision, or failure to decide, we are choosing our future right now,” Mr. Harper said. 
Then in a twist that boggles the tech brain he goes on to say “Canada’s investments in science and technology had produced poor results and were a “significant problem for our country.”
Ahh…huh….a first world country with significant problems in technology? o.k. —as I see it, it’s called no program to teach kids to program. No programs that introduce computational programming to kids early enough that they actually become innovators creating companies that add value and not just ones that burn up natural resources as if there were no limit to them and no side effects on the planet. Trust me we are going to need technology solutions even in Albert’a oil patch…
Yes, you guessed it….Big Oil shipped to China is all that matters. Seems our only contribution will be to fueling the emerging technology sector in China, which as it shifts from manufacturing to technology and begins to innovate in that area — watch out. They did it before and will have the “resources” to do it again… http://bit.ly/z1Z84b
Via www.businessinsider.com


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