Who Really Stopped SOPA, and Why? –

“But to Internet users, the proposed legislation and the process by which it was steamrolled through a supine Congress took on mythic attributes. By the end of last week the firefight had morphed into a battle of old economy vs. new, of business as usual in Washington vs. the organized chaos of online life, of K Street lobbyists vs. ordinary users.” 
As Mcluhan said: “In the electronic age we begin again to live, the myth” while TV may have started this return to Myth —there is no stopping YouTube from becoming the medium of choice that allows each one of us to express our own mythology! 
For McLuhan, television imagery returned us to an earlier state of grace, the lost Eden of tribal orality where “we begin again to structure the primordial feelings and emotions from which 3000 years of literacy divorced us. We begin again to live a myth…” (McLuhan, 1969, pp. 16-17).
Via www.forbes.com


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