Twitter Is Not a Media Company, CEO Says. oh yeah and what exactly is it then?

Clearly someone needs to go back to Media Studies 101 aka Media Literacy a la McLuhan or just re read the book he wrote called Understanding Media – the Extensions of Man. ( and woman too!) 
I cannot believe that Mr. Costolo actually said this. There must be a mis understanding here.  A quick Wiki look up show the definition of media as including “advertising”.

That is a base level knowledge of media — you want to get to a higher level conversation, one fitting perhaps for a CEO who must hold the vision for a company — then you have to review what McLuhan the 21C media guru — said about media being an extension of our nervous system.
Last time I checked content/media was being distributed on Twitter.  I know it is a bit confusing for some folks—- but according to McLuhan even a chair is a form of “media’. Sit down Mr. Costolo and read this book, please for yourself and the rest of humanity…I beg you…the masses are confused enough as it is…for “like fish in water they do not recongize the environment that they inhabit”! –McLuhan 


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