Is it any wonder that 2.5 Million Laptops Later, One Laptop Per Child Doesn’t Improve Test Scores [STUDY]

“A new study suggests that 2.5 million laptops deployed in classrooms across 42 countries don’t have any effect on academic performance.”

Ahh…huhh…so…. DUH —it’s not the kids, or the tools, let me guess? that leaves the Curriculum (i.e. Eurocentric, totally rational, with out of dated concepts of rational linear non creative, com·pet·i·tive, dog eat dog dominate ruling class, racist thinking) Yes, that must be it! it’s the way that these kids are taught which, last time I checked was based in Prussian Horse training…breaking the spirit of the child so they DO NOT question Authority.  Is it any wonder that there is no change happening in these classrooms. Was it not McLuhan who said back in the 1950’s – we need “classrooms without Walls”



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