Is the Digital World Killing Creativity? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our age of digital disruption has opened a cornucopia of creative endeavors, but the ability to multitask may also hinder creativity…

(huh? oh dear this blogger is back at it again…the old linear thinking mindset….i.e.the fear of mulit tasking –what about total artistic perception? non linear thinking, is that not multitasking at it’s best?  somehow I think that it is not the fact that we have so many options as that we live in a 19th C educational and economic system designed to stifle creativity from the get go….that has not is only the new media that has changed due to the electronic environment gone digital — humans now can be social in spite of the system that still resists their desire for change and creativity…it’s a slow train coming…people….a slow train coming down the track)

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