How the Boy who hacked the first iphone become a notorious Hacker

Afterwards this boy wanted Steve Jobs to talk with him. Jobs did not respond, but his partner did.

“Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, who hacked telephone systems early in his career, sent Hotz a congratulatory e-mail. “It was like a story out of a movie of someone who solves an incredible mystery,” Wozniak told me.

This is what gets me: 

“I understand the mind-set of a person who wants to do that, and I don’t think of people like that as criminals. In fact, I think that misbehavior is very strongly correlated with and responsible for creative thought.”

oh yeah Painters and Hackers, there is a book that bears that title….What’s new? …How we crimilize the creative mind in favor of the status quo?…Art History is full of “the artist suicided by society” examples…

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