News Flash Your Nephew Is Not A Social Media Expert and Social media is not DESIGN!

“It’s amazing how many decision makers are still, to this day, frighteningly naive when it comes to technology, particularly in the ramifications of low-balling their business. But cheap is cheap. So, the client dumped the agency, hired the nephew, and went ahead and got their website. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred that website stank to high heaven, and the client saw no traffic, let alone new business”.

How well I can identify with this having sold websites for a real design and development company back in the early late 1980’s. Often it is almost a case of dejas vs when it comes to educating clients on Social Media – with one notable exception — which is that social media is evolving into social business which means that you better know something about business —i.e. the relationship between sales and marketing and how to produce financial returns from them if you even hope to compete in the dog eat dog….race to the bottom on price” environment that the quote from the link above suggests as being the current state of the market. 

As a seasoned sales and marketing professional who learnt her skills in the trenches of Toronto during the 1990’s I can say that the myth that people buy on price alone is false –entire books have been written on the “Millionaire mind” and it is one that places quality of service, and products over the manufacturing mind set of cheap obsolecence. However, it takes real sales skills to sell “intangibles” and one must do as real technology sales greats do — which is to figure out the problem and find a solution, educate the client and create a relationship that is win-win! 

Just the other day I met with a potential new client who was “trying to wrap their head around social media” and who immedately introduced me to their “design” guy. O.K. I thought he must be the web designer. Nope. The graphics guy? Nope. Turns out the does CAD drawings. Needless to say, I launched in on the “hidden ground” of social media from whence it arises in order to have them start thinking about the risks and opportunities. Soon his eyes glazed over and he left for another meeting

I was also introduced to the niece who was doing some work on the WP tempate website for the owners. I was glad their site was a Word Press Blog– it is good that it was in the hands of someone who knew how to do updates — because it meant I could at least recommend a widget that would “socialize” their website and create a bridge between the site and their social media — should I be asked to set up and or manage their social media.

When I quoted them a fee it was compared to the SEO guy in the US somewhere who is doing their SEO. My fee was 5X his fee—(am am not even going there on SEO undercutting….and the fact that I had already explained that SEO is less effective than Social Media..)  

Experience has taught me that the niece might be their first choice —after all someone who knows about a WP blog outta have Social Media all figured out. Right? My guess is that even if she has a twitter account she will be hard pressed to figure out how to make twitter work in a business situation with the intent to drive sales– as I am pretty sure that she does not know how to sell —i.e. build professional relationships online with the intent to eventually move the goal post little by little to a final close….or a hand off to another who can do the same. 

Finally the business owner said that they were considering hiring a Admin gal who could do all the extra stuff and their social media. Yikes. All businesses lives and die by sales and Social media success depends on having it managed by someone who at least knows how to sell creatively or else it could be along and winding road that may or may not lead to a client to your door…

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