PR traditionalists still learning how to navigate the “hidden ground” of social media

“The evolution of the Internet and social media has, no doubt, disrupted traditional public relations and marketing.”

You can say that again – Globe and Mail. The old guard doesn’t know what hit them. Social media is about 5 years old, yes,that’s only five fingers on one hand old, and it has, as a communication channel, for the people by the people already transformed the world. While technology businesses have been active in the creation of this new medium for communications, businesses, for the most part, have remained smug – guided no doubt, by the “naysayers” of old media Marketing in thinking that it is some sort of “fad” that will soon pass…

Ironically, the word “advertising” is not included in the first two paragraphs of this blog by the Globe and Mail. Advertising for the most part is dead – with the exception of Google and FB ads. Most Canadian businesses have yet to realize the significance of social media and the impact that it is having on how you find, qualify and build relationships online and ultimately ensure that your business remains sustainable over the next decade.

It is kinda funny to see an article in the mainstream media, the Globe and Mail, attempting to explaining the difference between old media and new….as this is exactly what I have been trying to clarify to my potential clients for the past 5 years. Thank God I studied McLuhan, Canada’s master of media theory and was able to recognize the effects of this new media on our business culture in advance. Now I know how to lead an array of bewildered clients through the maze of confusion and misconception about social media. I am grateful for all that I have learnt and would love to share it with you if you are struggling to figure it out. I know the Hidden Ground of Media like the back of my hand!

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